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              05-1011 · Fonds · 1991-1992

              This accession consists of bulletins dated 1991-1992 of the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Algonquin Park. Also included is a photocopy of the Bill, An Act to Establish the Algonquin National Park of Ontario, dated 1893.

              Ad Hoc Committee to Save Algonquin Park
              Alternatives fonds
              88-024 · Fonds · 1970-1985

              This fonds consists of essay submissions, correspondence and financial records which relate to the Alternatives magazine when it was published at Trent. There are layouts, original artwork and subscriber information for several issues. Conserver Society Notes, which amalgamated with Alternatives, also has material in this collection.

              95-003 · Fonds · 1973-1995

              This fonds consists of the Catharine Traill Naturalists' Club's administrative papers, club newsletters, field trip notes, various papers regarding field trips and workshops, membership/address lists and personal correspondence of founding members, George McKiel, Elizabeth Parnis and Wendy Dathan.

              Catharine Traill Naturalists' Club
              95-016 · Fonds · 1898-1993

              This addition to the fonds consists of articles and booklets written by Frank Morris; manuscripts and published articles by Douglas Sadler; correspondence, minutes of meetings relating to Sadler's involvment in environmental and naturalist issues and activities; correspondence relating to Teacher's College and several issues of the Young Naturalist.

              Sadler, Douglas
              96-001 · Fonds · 1930-1990 ; predominant 1952-1959

              This addition to the fonds consists of bird spotting forms for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas and Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas error forms. Also included in the fonds are numerous publications and newsletters from various naturalist clubs across Ontario.

              Sadler, Douglas
              84-014 · Fonds · 1969-1981

              This collection consists of pamphlets and circulars relating to environmental concerns; National and Provincial Parks Association; Scientific Pollution and Environmental Control Society; Canadian Federation of Nature and the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

              Gavin Henderson fonds
              93-012 · Fonds · 1887-1991

              This fonds consists of correspondence and reports relating to the National and Provincial Parks Association of Canada as well as the personal papers of Gavin Henderson. There are records on conservation, Quetico Park, the Niagara area such as the American Falls and information on Banff and Jasper National Parks. Included in the fonds is the thesis of George Warecki entitled "Protecting Ontario's Wilderness: A History of Wilderness Conservation in Ontario." Also included in the fonds are various publications on wilderness, outdoor recreation, conservation and naturalist activities. There are also four scrapbooks which contain clippings regarding conservation, parks and the 1972 winter olympics.

              Henderson, Gavin
              96-012 · Fonds · 1951-1996

              This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence between Gavin Henderson and Professor George Warecki; Harvey Locke when President of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society; and, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The fonds also contain the program and letters of congratulation regarding Gavin's Order of Canada which was conferred in 1993. Records pertaining to the St. Lawrence Islands National Parks and the Thousand Islands Heritage area, early minutes of the Conservation Council of Ontario (1951-1955), brochures published by the Council as well as articles by Gavin Henderson are also included in the fonds.

              Henderson, Gavin
              INSTRUCT programme fonds
              22-010 · Fonds · 1989-2003 (predominant 1997-2003)

              Fonds consists of material relating to the administration and programming of the INSTRUCT Programme. Files includes reports, journal articles, event flyers, pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, budget reports, research material, and other documentation detailing the Programme in both English and Spanish. Photographs and slides include images of meetings, travel, seminars and work done with local communities in Ecuador and Mexico and at Trent University. VHS tapes includes a recording of the “Questioning” Conference panel, the conservation of the Imbkucha and Lago san Pablo watershed, and on the festival of Inti Raymi. CD-ROMs include photos of an INSTRUCT workshop on women and environment and another on local traditions.

              INSTRUCT Programme
              86-017 · Fonds · 1977-1978

              This fonds contains briefing records, summaries of preliminary hearings, "Issues Papers" chapters 1 to 8, submissions to the Royal Commission of the Northern Environment and other related records.

              Ontario. Royal Commission on the Northern Environment
              01-1012 · Fonds · 1991

              Item is a Peterborough Ecology Strategy draft interim report, submitted by project coordinator Jean Greig to the Ecology Strategy Steering Committee for their review and comment, 1991.

              The Peterborough Ecology Strategy

              Collection consists of files on parks, containing brochures, ephemera, and other material. Some folders contain correspondence from and to Prof. Douglas Pimlott relating to parks.

              Pimlott, Douglas
              Robert Paehlke fonds
              93-020 · Fonds · 1924-1991

              This fonds consists of Professor Paehlke's correspondence and lists of bibliographic citations on asbestos, uranium mining, hazardous and toxic chemicals, insecticide spraying, recycling and waste management as well as other environmental issues.

              Paehlke, Robert
              01-1001 · Collection · 1996

              Collection consists of 103 slides of various nature areas on the Symons Campus, Trent University, taken October 1996 as a record of the vegetation in 1996 for future comparison of vegetation change. The slides are accompanied by an index.

              Jones, Roger
              04-014 · Fonds · 1972-1978

              Collection consists of meeting minutes, statements and briefs, newsletter issues, newspaper clippings, photographs, and correspondence relating to efforts of the Save Maple Mountain Committee. Trent University people associated with this effort included Professor F.M. Helleiner, Professor Bruce Hodgins, and Jamie Benedickson.

              Save Maple Mountain Committee
              20-007 · Fonds · 1979-2016

              Fonds is comprised of records created by or collected by Stephen Ogden documenting the Tiny Township Stop Dump Site 41 campaign. Dating 1979 through 2016, it represents a significant episode in Canadian environment activism and is comprehensive in scope. Among the materials included are: notes for speeches; transcriptions of government environmental assessments and WYE Citizens Group meetings; WYE Citizens Group press releases; maps and records of water well locations near Site 41; hydrological and geotechnical records pertaining to the watershed characteristics of the Site 41 area; MOE correspondence and statements relating to proposed dump site management, waste management and related technological considerations; Simcoe County “Corporate Services” records including meeting minutes and agendas, notifications, memorandum, notes, correspondence and emails, and media clippings; court proceedings and legal documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests made by Stephen Ogden; photographs, dossiers for exhibits; audio-visual materials including cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs.

              Stephen Ogden Tiny Township Stop Dump Site 41
              22-011 · Fonds · 1984-2012

              Fonds consists of material relating to the research and initiatives the Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit engaged in. Files include correspondence, reports, research material, pamphlets, brochures, conference materials, and other materials. Photographs document the Northumberland Forest trails. CD-ROMS documents project reports. VHS tape documents the television coverage of the Rails to Greenways Conference (1993). Fonds is arranged into 5 series: Unit operations; Communications; Correspondence; Conferences, presentations and committees; and Projects and research.

              Trent-Fleming Trail Studies Unit