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  • From the inception of the university in 1964, there was always an emphasis on Canadian Studies. The first President, Thomas H.B. Symons, was Chair of the Commission on Canadian Studies in the 1970s and held the strong belief that it was critical for us as Canadians
  • Trent was fortunate early on to have a "Canadiana Librarian," J.D.P. Martin, who collected editions of works critical to our understanding of Canada and Canadian culture. Trent University has continued this commitment by assuring that the library has acquired the entire output of the Canadian Institute of Historical Microfilm. See also the Special Collections and Rare Books page which describes published supporting material for the study of Canada. In addition, the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) on the 4th floor of Bata Library is an extraordinary resource. Listed below are only the most obvious archival resources for the study of Canada and Canadian institutions. Many other more specific sources will be found under other subject headings such as "Military" or "Literary."

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            20-004 · Fonds · 1746; 1815-1991

            This fonds consists of Professor Brunger's research in 19th century Canadian historical geography, mainly in Upper Canada/Ontario, focused on emigration from the U.K. and settlement in Newcastle (Peterborough County) District and London (Talbot Settlement) District. Included in the research materials are several maps, a small collection of photo negatives, and microfilm reels.

            Brunger, Alan
            81-021 · Fonds · 1971-1981

            This fonds consists of the constitution, correspondence, fund raising files, publications and reports of the Association For Canadian Studies.

            Association for Canadian Studies
            91-007 · Fonds · 1973-1987; 1991

            This addition to the fonds consists of the Association for Canadian Studies correspondence, personnel files, constitution, membership files, materials related to Association for Canadian Studies awards, publications, workshops and conferences, publicity, fundraising, meeting minutes, Quebec regional materials and records on Canadian Studies as a discipline in the educational system.

            Association for Canadian Studies
            RG 30 · Fonds · 1971-2005

            Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by the Canadian Studies Department at Trent University.

            Trent University. Canadian Studies Department
            99-1005 · Collection · 1921-1931

            This collection consists of eleven published reports, addresses, and articles by the Honourable Vincent Massey. Topics include education, art and nationality, drama, external affairs, etc. with respect to Canada. Included also are typed notes compiled at a meeting at which Massey was present, on "Diplomatic Machinery", held in 1931.

            Massey, Charles Vincent
            86-031 · Fonds · 1970-1986

            This fonds consists of briefs, correspondence, memoranda and responses to "To Know Ourselves" and "Some Questions of Balance".

            Commission on Canadian Studies
            13-009 · Fonds · 1957-2012

            Fonds consists of briefs, correspondence, reports, memoranda and responses to "To Know Ourselves" and "Some Questions of Balance".

            Commission on Canadian Studies
            David Macmillan collection
            05-003 (revised) · Collection · 1680-1920

            This collection is comprised of disparate documents collected by Professor David Macmillan. The scope of the papers is primarily North America, 1680 to 1920.

            Macmillan, David
            David R. Cameron fonds
            01-001 · Fonds · 1991-1996

            Fonds consists of correspondence, questionnaires and reports generated by Professor David R. Cameron who was commissioned by the Department of the Secretary of State (superseded by the Department of Canadian Heritage) to investigate the status of Canadian Studies in the 1990s. His report, "Taking Stock: Canadian Studies in the Nineties" was published by the Association of Canadian Studies in 1996. Materials include readers' comments on the draft report.

            Cameron, David R.
            89-009 · Fonds · 1963-1976

            This addition to Professor Denis Smith's fonds consists of records forwarded to the Archives via the office of the Journal of Canadian Studies in 1988 which were apparently generated by Professor Denis Smith. Most files relate to Trent University, its founding and architectural history, and areas of interest to Professor Smith such as the Committee For An Independent Canada and the Canadian Forum.

            Smith, Denis
            Edith Fowke manuscript
            97-1016 · Item · [1965]

            This 8-page, typewritten manuscript is entitled "Folk Songs of Peterborough" and consists of a brief overview of the folk song tradition of the Peterborough area. Fowke indicates that the Peterborough region is one of the richest in Ontario and credits this in large part to the significant Irish representation in the County. She mentions by name individuals who can sing old songs brought from the old country, or songs learned in the lumbering shanty and carried down from generation to generation. She quotes songs that give specific reference to places such as Kinmount, Omemee, Gannon's Narrows, Tory Hill, etc. Farming traditions, love ballads, and jail terms all find their places in the canon.

            Fowke, Edith
            97-003 · Fonds · 1662-1997

            This fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, etc. of Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani and their families. Important historical materials relating to the John Beverley Robinson family are included. The fonds also consists of Gilbert's research material as an archaeologist, Stewart's research material relating to her work as an art lecturer, photographs and materials relating to the Bagnani estate, "Vogrie", located in Port Hope, Ontario, and materials concerning Gilbert and Stewart's association with Trent University.

            Bagnani, Gilbert and Stewart
            Collection · [1940-]-2000 (predominant 1970s-1990s)

            These files contain newspaper and magazine articles, photocopies of articles from books and periodicals, and original booklets and publications, including some government publications. The materials were collected between the early 1970's and early 1990's, but some material dates back to the 1940s. The subjects of the files vary greatly and deal with various Canadiana topics such as media, publishing and related issues, northern studies, native studies, land settlement and land use, arts, etc. Perhaps the most useful part of the files will be the name files.

            The files will be useful as a starting place for research on specific topics. They reflect the years they were collected and are by no means exhaustive, but offer another tool for researchers to use.

            Wadland, John
            87-005 · Fonds · 1977-1980

            This fonds consists of working papers, galley proofs and manuscripts of articles for the Journal of Canadian Studies.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            88-015 · Fonds · 1973-1985

            This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence relating to administration and editing of the Journal of Canadian Studies published at Trent University, Peterborough.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            91-006 · Fonds · 1986-1987

            This addition to the fonds consists of manuscripts of articles which were submitted to the Journal of Canadian Studies for publication.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            92-011 · Fonds · 1975-1991

            This addition to the fonds consists of manuscripts of articles for issues of the Journal of Canadian Studies from Volume 22, No. 1, (Spring, 1987) to Volume 26, No. 3 (Fall, 1991). There are also drafts of articles and correspondence concerning film in Canada.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            95-017 · Fonds · 1983-1994

            This addition to the fonds consists of manuscripts of articles published, and reject letters generated by the editors of the Journal of Canadian Studies.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            98-016 · Fonds · 1996-1997

            This fonds consists of manuscripts of articles for the Journal of Canadian Studies, vol.32, #1-3. Also included is correspondence with authors.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            12-013 · Fonds · 2010-2012

            Fonds consists of five boxes of correspondence and manuscripts relating to the Journal of Canadian Studies:
            Volume 44.3 (Fall 2010) is located in Box 1 and Box 2 Folders 1-3;
            Volume 45.1 (Winter 2011) is located in Box 2 Folders 4-15;
            Volume 45.2 (Spring 2011) is located in Box 3 Folders 1-12;
            Volume 45.3 (Fall 2011) is located in Box 3 Folders 13-22.
            Volume 46.1 (Winter 2012) is located in Box 3 Folders 23-26 and Boxes 4 and 5.

            Journal of Canadian Studies
            Joyce C. Lewis fonds
            12-012 · Fonds · 1813-1887; 1970-2012

            Fonds is comprised of biographical information pertaining to Joyce C. Lewis, and research material pertaining to Irish immigrant Frances Stewart and to the nineteenth-century social history of Ontario. Items include correspondence, manuscripts and notes for speeches and articles, notes on various topics, research articles, typescripts and copies of historical letters, copy photographs, and slides. Also included are a number of original historical letters pertaining to the Stewart family and one original photograph of Harriet Beaufort. Unless otherwise noted, the research materials are primarily comprised of reproductions in the form of photocopies. Further Stewart family materials were received in December 2012 and added to Box 6.

            Lewis, Joyce C.
            Mary Anne Haney fonds
            81-007 · Fonds · 1979-1980

            The fonds consists of audio cassettes containing biographical and issue-oriented interviews of Professor Emeritus, Kenneth Kidd, conducted by Mary Anne Haney as part of her research for a paper in Canadian Studies 400.

            Haney, Mary Anne