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Fenian Raids
  • The Fenian Raids were a result of the Irish-American movement. The movement was created in 1857 by the Irish in an attempt to gain their independence from Britain. American John O'Mahony raised large amounts of money for the movement's leader James Stephens, who resided in Ireland, to use in Ireland to procure independence. The movement was popular with Irish-Americans and by 1865 there were approximately 10,000 Civil War Veterans organized into military clubs. They had approximately $500,000.00 and at this time split into two different factions. One led by John O'Mahony and the other led by William Roberts. A small Canadian group of Fenians was organized by Michael Murphy in Toronto. Roberts wanted to invade Canada and O'Mahony wanted to help Ireland. When no uprising occurred in Ireland O'Mahony led a raid on the New Brunswick border in the spring of 1866 which failed. Altogether there were 5 raids on, and into, the Canadas. There was another raid in June of 1866 led by Roberts who defeated the militia at Ridgeway near Niagara. The third raid also occurred in the same June at Missisquoi Bay. There were 2 raids in 1870 on the Quebec border led by John O'Neill. In 1867 there was an Irish uprising in Ireland which failed and with it the Fenian movement disintegrated.
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Health and Medicine
  • For photographs of Peterborough area hospitals, see the following: 83-008 Album, #24 Nicholl's Hospital n.d.; 83-008 Album, #25 St. Joseph's Hospital n.d.; 83-008/1/2 Nicholl's Hospital n.d.; 02-004/8 Album 3 Cobourg Hospital ca. 1920; 04-1004 Civic Hospital (postcard) n.d.
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