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International Camping Congress

Series consists of records documenting the International Camping Congress (ICC), held every three years in locations around the world. Series includes a comprehensive collection of cassette tapes related to the first ICC, the 1994 KUMBAYAH International Camping Congress held in Toronto, Ontario. The series comprises of 7 large binders containing 16 cassette tapes, one small binder containing 8 cassette tapes, and 1 single cassette tape, followed by Congress proceedings [in Japanese], along with various supporting documents related to the congress , such as correspondence and meeting minutes, travel and membership information, schedules, congress agreements, invitations, and manuals. Additionally included are 9 DVDs from the 2014 International Camping Congress. These recordings offer a unique glimpse into the speeches, presentations, and discussions held during the Congress.


Series consists of various scrapbooks showcasing KAGS related material, including newspaper articles advertising art exhibitions and workshops, photographs of staff holiday gatherings, newspaper articles on local artists such as Theresa Harman, Joan Carlen, Majorie Gorman, Doug Andrews, Doris Clark, Dorothy Martin, Jo-Anne Connell Northey, Richard Northey, Edna Stephens, and Sharon Taylor, as well as event collaborations with The Photographic Print Group of Peterborough, and thank-you notes and comments from guests and artists.

ICF related events

Series consists of records relating to various International Camping Fellowship events and programs, providing an overview of conferences, workshops, seminars, and other gatherings that have taken place within the organization. The series includes events such as those organized by the Greek Camping Association, Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok Program, PRO Camp, China Camp Education conference, the 10th World Leisure Congress Abstract Program, and Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship. The materials document program newsletters and set-up, correspondence, memberships, and letters of appreciation and thanks exchanged between the ICF and its partners and participants. Additionally, the series includes 16 photographs from the International Camp Directors Course forum in 2019.

Published material and artifacts from international camps and camp organizations

Series consists of a range of material and artefacts of historical significance related to the International Camping Fellowship and other international camps, including the American Camping Association, the European Camp Association, the Russia International Children's Centre, and the National Camping Association of Japan. The materials include newsletters, articles of the association, congress agreements, reports, and correspondence. Also included are various loose artefacts that contribute to the understanding of camp history and achievements, such as an assortment of camp magazines, brochures, and programs written in Japanese, Russian and English, camp activity books and songs, and fabrics and badges.

Administrative files and meeting minutes

Series consists of administrative files and meeting minutes, including financial statements, correspondence, notes, membership lists, newsletters , and KAGS library related materials such as expense reports, cataloging documentation, general reports, rules and procedures, and donation collections lists.

Photo albums

Series consists of 4 photo albums that document various events, including artists and their art exhibits, guests, staff and volunteer holiday events, list of KAGS members, event and studio set-up, and exhibition demonstrations. Most locations, events and people are identified on the backside of the photographs.

Identified people include Joyce Armstrong, Mary Harris, Marilyn Simpson, Bobby Rowland-Patterson, Sharon Taylor, Neil Broadfoot, Nancy Simmons-Smith, Vic Warren, Gerry Goselin, Lucy Manley, Lucie Lemieux-Wilson, Margaree Edwards, Gordon Berry, Ann Cossar, Doris Gardener, Neil Hill, Barry Parsons, Vera Penrose, Betty Gray, Mori Blue, Martin Parker, Al Poolman, Pam Barclay, Lorraine Ryan, Olga Szaranski, Don Fraser, Sheila Stanley, Wendy Wallace, Doris Hope, Lili Swanson, Beverly Goselin, Eleanor Cunningham, Ruth White, and David Baker.

Administrative files

Series consists of general administrative files related to operations and management of the International Camping Fellowship and International Camping Congress, providing insight into the overall functioning and administration of the organization. Documents include correspondence such as letters, memos and emails exchanged between members of the ICF. Also included are program proposals, outlines and scheduling details, samples of official letterhead used by the ICF, budget reports and financial documents outlining budget and financial management of the ICF, contact information of individuals and organizations affiliated with the ICF, and documents related to the management and content of the ICF website.

Shows, events and studios

Series consists of material related to shows, events and studio workshops operated by the Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio, including the best of high school annual art show and the 20th anniversary show. The best of high school annual art show started in 1991 after KAGS held life drawing classes for grade 12 students at PCVS. It now receives entries from schools throughout the Kawartha Pine Ridge School District and offers prizes, scholarships and awards to participants. Awards and scholarships include Rose Barker awards, Autumn Treasures scholarships, the Victoria Art Supply award, the Bessie Oliver award, and donor sponsored awards from the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Geneen Eyre, Nancy’s Art Gallery and Frame Studio, KAGS outdoor painters' subgroup, and Gary Seymour.
The 20th anniversary show highlights a detailed timeline of the Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio history, from 1991 to 2010. Materials include programs, guest lists, advertisements and brochures, awards and scholarships, event and workshop procedures, and correspondence.

Articles written by James Neufeld

Series consists of academic articles, and other articles written by James Neufeld in various publications. Some of these articles are original clippings, periodicals, or offprints. In some cases, copies of articles were made by archival staff, with the original copies returned to the donor.

Projects and research

Series consists of files on various projects and research conducted by the Trail Studies Unit. Files include work and projects on the Northumberland Forest, rail trails, trail mapping, university and college trails, and Ontario provincial government grant funded research projects. Series also includes 41 photographs of the Northumberland Forest trails.

Member artists’ files

Series consists of member artists' biographies, showcasing details of their lives and photographs of their artwork. Member Artists include Lynne Arbic, Debra Bannister, Chris Barker, Peter Barron, Neil Broadfoot, Robert Carter, Mary Diane Collins, Dorothy Conlin, Elaine Goselin, V. Gail Hawkins, Lucie Lemieuex Wilson, Brian Ling, Agnes Oughtred, Barry Parsons, Linda Patterson, Vera Penrose, William Punt, Marylou Stickland, Nan Sidler, Nancy Simmons Smith, Olga Szaranski, Jaan Teng, Evelynn Van Hoekelen, and Emil Varga. Additionally included is the City of Peterborough Waste Reduction and Conservation calendar which showcases local artists’ and members’ artwork.

Meetings and minutes

Series consists of records of the International Camping Fellowship’s steering committee meetings and minutes of the International Camping Fellowship, offering a detailed account of the discussions, decisions, and actions taken by the committee. Records include correspondence and those documenting the establishment of the International Camping Congress (ICC), such as program proposals and event schedules. This includes a large bound book containing annual meeting minutes from 1988-1997. The book is a comprehensive source of information on the committee's activities in relation to the ICC.

Ballet in Canada research material

Series consists of Professor Neufeld’s research material on ballet in Canada in relation to his published books and articles. His published books on ballet include Power to Rise: The Story of The National Ballet of Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996), Passion to Dance: The National Ballet of Canada (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2011), and Karen Kain: Artistic Director (Toronto: National Ballet of Canada, 2019).
Files include correspondence, interview transcripts and notes, newspaper clippings, and notes on materials from archival collections held at the National Ballet of Canada Archives, Library and Archives Canada, University of British Columbia Archives, and Toronto Reference Library. Series also includes articles written for the International Dictionary of Dance on the National Ballet of Canada and Celia Franca. Series also includes notes for a conference Neufeld attended for Sir Frederick Ashton, British ballerina and choreographer as well as workshops Professor Neufeld facilitated for the National Ballet of Canada and the American Ballet Company.


Series consists of correspondence between the Trail Studies Unit and the general public, national organizations, and the provincial government on different aspects of trails (recreational use, trail operations, environmental concerns, etc.).

Lois Marshall research materials

Series consists of the research files created by Professor Neufeld while writing his book Lois Marshall: A Biography (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2010). Files include professional correspondence, interview transcripts and notes, newspaper clippings, copies of performance programs for Lois Marshall and the Bach Aria Group, which was curated while researching the life of Lois Marshall. Files also include research notes and photocopied material from Library and Archives Canada, New York Public Library, Toronto Reference Library, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, Ballet Rambert Archives and London Festival Ballet (LFB) Archives.

Unit operations

Series consists of files pertaining to the operations of the Trail Studies Unit, including job descriptions, and guides on information organization. One file consists of the contents of a staff manual that was kept in a binder. In addition to general operations, files document how resources were managed and accessed in the unit.


Series consists of communications created by or about the Trail Studies Unit. Files include website details, project outlines, newspaper clippings, brochures, and pamphlets.


Series consists of International Camping Fellowship newsletters from 1987-2007. Series includes a large bound book of newsletters from 1988-1997. ICF newsletters provide specific information related to International Camping Congress (ICC) events, including details about keynote speakers, presentation topics, workshops, and other activities associated with the ICC, and documents the activities, achievements, initiatives, and contributions of the ICF community.

Conferences, presentations, and committees

Series consists of files pertaining to conferences, presentations, and committees the Trail Studies Unit participated in or consulted on. Most files pertain to the 1993 Rails to Greenways Conference, which was hosted at Trent University by the Trail Studies Unit. Series also includes meeting minutes and agendas for various committees the Trail Studies Unit consulted on, including Ontario Provincial government committees.

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