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9 · Series · 1867-1920
Part of J. Gainey fonds

Series consists of records of the Iron Moulders' Union of North America, including minute books, financial records, correspondence within Canada and with the United States, appeals for assistance, by-laws and rules, and union suspended lists.

9 · Series
Part of University Slide Collection

Binder 2
1-3: Trent University Sign outside Rubidge Hall
4: Entrance to Rubidge Hall
5-9: Opening Ceremonies of Rubidge Hall
10: First Senior Common Room, Rubidge Hall; l. to r. John Anderson, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds; J.D.P. Martin, first librarian; John Pettigrew, first Registrar; J.F. Brook, first Bursar and Secretary of the Board of Governors; Richard K. Sadleir, Dean of Residence and Dean of Men; T.H.B. Symons, Founding President; and S.G.D. Smith, Assistant to the President.
11-13: Library, Rubidge Hall
14-15; 17; 19-21: Interior of Rubidge Hall Print (1) Marion Frye and Jack Martin and 2 Unidentified
16; 18: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
22: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
23: Theatre Production, Rubidge Hall
24-29: The Crypt - Rubidge Hall
30-33: Residence Rooms, Rubidge Hall
34: Unknown
35-38: Classes and Tutorials, Rubidge Hall(Note: #37 features designer lamps)
39: Sadleir House, Peter Robinson College
40: Dining Hall, Rubidge Hall

9 · Series
Part of University Photograph Collection

Convocation 1967 (Copies of Zoltan Temesy photographs: see also the original slides and prints in the Zoltan Temesey Photographs folder and scanned images on CD #7 in the "Compact Discs, Microfilm, Reels" box) - (see also Slide Collection)
Convocation 1968 - (see also Slide Collection)
Convocation 1969
Convocation 1970
Convocation 1971
Convocation 1972
Convocation Spring 1973
Convocation Fall 1973
Convocation Spring 1974 (includes photos of Robertson Davies)
Convocation Fall 1974
Convocation Spring 1975
Convocation Fall 1975
Convocation Spring 1976
Convocation Fall 1976
Convocation Spring 1977
Convocation Fall 1977
Convocation Spring 1978
Convocation Fall 1978
Convocation Spring 1979
Convocation Fall 1979
Convocation Spring 1980
Convocation Fall 1980
Convocation Spring 1981
Convocation Fall 1981
Convocation Spring 1982
Convocation Spring 1983
Convocation Fall 1983
Convocation Fall 1984
Convocation Spring 1985
Convocation Spring 1986
Convocation Fall 1986
Convocation: Special convocation for installation of John Stubbs, October 2, 1987
Convocation Spring 1987
Convocation Fall 1988
Convocation Spring 1989 (see also also two reels of proofs located in "Compact Discs, Microfilms, Reels" box)
Convocation Fall 1989
Convocation Spring 1990
Convocation Fall 1990
Convocation Spring 1991
Convocation Fall 1991
Convocation 1992
Convocation 1993
Convocation 1994
Convocation 1995
Convocation 1996
Convocation 1997
Convocation 1998
Convocation 2004 (see also CD #2 in Trent University Photograph Collection for additional photographs)
Convocation 2005
Convocation 2007
Convocation 2008

Convocation: students receiving degrees (various years; students are identified)
Convocation: unidentified honorary graduates
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with Thomas H.B. Symons as president (some photos include Thomas Bata)
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with Donald Theall as president
Convocation: miscellaneous photos with John Stubbs as president
Convocation: miscellaneous shots

Convocation: Durham Campus, 1999-2002

83-007 · Series · 1881
Part of Census microfilm collection

Series consists of five microfilm reels of the decennial nominal census, of 1881, of Peterborough, Victoria, Hastings, Durham and Northumberland Counties. This collection includes the census of the towns, villages, and townships of Hastings County (north) and are listed as follows: Marmora Lake, Wollaston, Monteagle, Hershel, Wicklow, McClure, Bangor, Mayo, Carlo, Grimsthorpe, Elzevir, Dungannon, Faraday, Cashel, Limerick, Tudor, Sabine, Airey, Lyell, Murchison and Robinson; also Northumberland County (east), including Cramahe, Colborne (village), Brighton, Brighton (village), Murray, Percy, Seymour, Campbellford (village) and Hastings (village). Included also is Northumberland County (west) encompassing Alnwick, Haldimand, Hamilton, and Cobourg (town); and Peterborough County (east), which includes Ashburnham (village), Norwood (village), Burleigh, Anstruther, Chandos, Harvey, Galway, Cavendish, Belmont, Methuen, Hastings (village), Asphodel, Stanhope, Sherborne, McClintock, Dudley, Dysart, Harcourt, Snowden, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Cardiff, Minden, Douro, Otonabee, and Dummer. Also included is Peterborough County (west), encompassing Peterborough (town), Smith, Monaghan (north), Monaghan (south), and Ennismore; also Durham County (east), which includes Hope, Port Hope (town), Cavan, Manvers, Millbrook (village); also Durham County (west), which includes Darlington, Newcastle (village), Clarke, Cartwright, and Bowmanville (town); also Victoria County (south), which includes Ops, Lindsay (town), Mariposa, Emily, Verulam, Omemee (village), and Bobcaygeon (village); also Victoria County (north), which includes Eldon, Fenelon, Fenelon Falls (village), Carden, Dalton, Bexley, Somerville, Digby, Laxton, Longford, Lutterworth, Hindon, and Anson; also Muskoka, which includes Morrison, Gravenhurst (village), Muskoka, Wood, Medora, Monk, Cardwell, Watt, Conger, Humphrey, Oakley, Ryde, Draper, Bracebridge (village), Macauly, Brunel, Stephenson, Ridout, McLean, Sinclair, Franklin, Proudfoot, Chaffey, Bethune, Perry, McDougall, Cowper, and Foley.

Canada. Census.
80-001 · Series · 1851, 1861
Part of Census microfilm collection

The Microfilm are copies of the Library and Archives Canada decennial, nominal census for the County of Victoria, 1851 and 1861. Also included on the microfilm are the nominal census for Stormont County, 1861 and Waterloo County, 1861.

Canada West. Victoria County Census.
8 · Series
Part of University Photograph Collection

Larry Turner Photographs: Buildings, i.e., Champlain College, Faryon Bridge, Podium, etc.; aerial views of Symons Campus; also outdoor shots of students including one rugby game shot (Note: These photographs were removed from the Larry Turner fonds 98-014 in 1998)

Gil Crook Photographs: Buildings, i.e., Champlain College, Thomas J. Bata Library, Lady Eaton College, Science Complex, Faryon Bridge; also some convocation photographs (Note: These photographs were received via Julie Crook, 1999)

Elaine Goselin Photographs: Buildings, i.e. Environmental Science building, Lady Eaton College, Champlain College, Bata Library, Faryon Bridge, Gzowski College, autumn scenes, light standards

Professor R.A. Stairs Slides & Prints: Buildings, etc., i.e. The Bubble, Champlain College, Rubidge Hall, Science Complex, Bata Library (interior stairwell and exterior shots), Faryon Bridge, Archaeology Building, Otonabee College, windows at Otonabee College (architectural features), Kerr House, Leslie Frost party, President Tom Symons and Mrs. Marsh from Australia touring Bata Library (1969) (Note: This set includes ca. 70 slides; prints have been made of 21 of the slides). In 2016, 16 additional slides pertaining to Convocation were received: re Convocation (1967, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975); included are Gilbert Bagnani, T.H.B. Symons, Leslie Frost, Charles Fraser, G. Aspinall, Don LeRoy, Alf Cole, Ron Thom, Alan Paton, Margaret Laurence, Mme. Casgrain, Julian Blackburn, Tom Nind, Giles Vigneault.

Zoltan Temesy Photographs: Nassau site prior to building, construction, Laying the Cornerstone of Champlain College 20 October 1965, Chemistry Building, Champlain College, Convocation 1967 (also included in this folder are the 34 corresponding original slides) - (see also CD #7 in the "Compact Discs, Microfilm, Reels" box for scans of these photographs)

David Twigg Photographs: night campus scenes; Biology-Geography building

University Buildings at the turn of the Century: Symons Campus: Thomas J. Bata Library, Environmental Science Centre, Faryon Bridge, Lady Eaton College, Blackburn Hall, Athletic Complex, Child Care Centre, Champlain College, Archaeology Centre, Mackenzie House, Otonabee College, Trent University Bookstore; Peter Robinson College: North House, The Hangman, East Lodge, Sadleir House, Townhouses, Stratton House, The Cottage, Reade House; Catharine Parr Traill College: Crawford House, Wallis Hall, Stewart House, Scott House, Principal’s Lodge, Bradburn House, Kerr House, Langton House (Note: These photographs were taken in January 2000 by Jodi Aoki)

Trent University Architectural Shots, ca. 1977: Thomas J. Bata Library, Athletic Complex, Champlain College, Staging Building, etc. (photographer F. McNamee; negatives & prints) (Note: these photographs are duplicated on CD #1; see CD box in Trent University Photograph Collection)

Buildings: Models, drawings, & sketches (includes negatives acquired from Thompson Berwick courtesty of Ron Thom)

Aerial Photographs of Trent University Campus

(See also Trent Cabinet - Drawer 5)
Aerial photographs (8" x 10", b&w)

Aerial photographs (8" x 10", b&w, colour)

Aerial photographs (3 1/2" x 5", colour)

Aerial photographs & negatives (assorted sizes)

Harry Oakman aerial photographs (negatives)
Calendar for the year 1964 depicting aerial view of the Nassau site (4 copies)