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T.H. Stinson: House of Commons materials on investment and corporate interconnections in House of Commons

File consists of 2 blueprints of diagrams that illustrate the connections between Members of Parliament and commercial companies.

  • Members of Parliament in the Commercial and Industrial Capitalistic Group. House of Commons / Compiled by J. McArthur Conner, December 29, 1927; drawn by W.J. Chas. Webster, February 9, 1928
  • The Spiders' Web / Compiled by W.J. McArthur Conner; drawn by W.J. Chas. Webster, January 18, 1928

Stinson family: 1913 Christian North American Tour: pamphlets and brochures

File includes the "Wonders of America" magazine for July 1913. Also includes illustrated guides to Medicine Hat, Alberta; Brandon, Manitoba; Vancouver, British Columbia; Corona, California; Cripple Creek, Colorado; and the Foothills Trolley Trip from Denver. File also includes a guide to local time tables for the Southern Pacific and an issue of The Medicine Hat Manufacturer (vol. 1, no. 7-8, June-July 1913).

Reports, papers, proposals, articles, etc.

File consists of the following papers:

  • The Prevention of the Pollution of Canadian Surface Waters / by T.A. Murray. Ottawa, 1912
  • The Brook - 1931/ by Tom Pease (poem)
  • The Jagship of the Trent / by J.A. Edmison. Ottawa, 1964 (poem)
  • An ecological investigation of the Trent Watershed with Special Emphasis on the Invertebrate Fauna: A proposed research project for Trent University, Peterborough / by Roy L. Edwards. 1964 (2 copies)
  • Field Stations of Ontario - prepared at request of Committee of Heads of Departments of Biological Sciences of Ontario Universities/ Queen's University. 1969
  • The Contribution of Trent University in the Field of Freshwater Biology / by Roy L. Edwards. 1966
  • The Need for the Highway 28 Peterborough By-Pass/ Ministry of Transportation and Communications. 1974
  • The Peterborough By-Pass - Some Points to Consider. [1974]
  • Ecology Bulletin/ Biology Department, Trent University. Vol.1, No.3, Fall 1975
  • The Official Plan - City of Peterborough - Update and Review - 1976
  • The Trent Wildlife Sanctuary and its Potential for Environmental Education / John Marsh. 1978

Reports, papers, proposals, articles, etc.

File consists of the following:

  • Trent Campus Nature Areas Study: Some Suggested Guidelines for Educational-Use Program. January 1990
  • Trent University Nature Interpretive Centre (TUNIC): Remodeling Proposal for the Holmes Property, Trent University/ by Peter Andree et al. April 1990
  • Trent University Nature Interpretive Centre (TUNIC): A Proposal by The Wildlife Sanctuary Committee, Trent University. May 1990 (2 copies)
  • Trent University Nature Areas Policy. December 1990
  • Forest Succession and Diversity of the Promise Rock Coniferous Woods/ by Rob Canvin et al. December 1991
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