Reverend Vincent Clementi collection

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
98-1000(02) Auction Broadside Item 1863
98-1000(13) Quit Claim deed Thomas M. Fairbairn and Jane R. Fairbairn to George Barlee Item 1871
98-1000(14) Deed A. Walker to George Barlee Item 1871
98-1000(18) Deed V. Clementi and R.H. Dennistoun to Elizabeth Clementi Item 1883
98-1000(20) Deed R. Boucher to Rev. V. Clementi Item 1890
98-1000(21) Will of Rev. V. Clementi Item 1899
98-1000(24) Deed R.Boucher and H.C. Rogers to G. M. D'E. Stevenson Item 1904
98-1000(27) Assignment of Mortgage Thomas Evans Bradburn to Harry Evans Item 1922
98-1000(01) Crown sale to Robert Patterson of Lot 8 on N. side Townsend St. and on S. side Dalhousie St. west of Aylmer Item 1860
98-1000(07) Memorial A.H. McDougall, Mary Ridleux, A. Fowlis, J. Carnegie, J.D. Collins Item 1865
98-1000(11) Notice of sale Item 1870
98-1000(15) Abstract of Title Item 1872
98-1000(16) Mortgage George Barlee to Rev. V. Clementi Item 1874
98-1000(19) Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Clementi Item 1889
98-1000(28) Application for loan by A. Stevenson Item 1932
98-1000(09) Conditions of Sale Item 1870
98-1000(12) Deed for taxes to Thos. Fairbairn Item 1871
98-1000(17) Deed George Barlee to Rev. V. Clementi Item 1874
98-1000(25) Stautory Declarations J.D. Collins, J.A. Hall and E.H.D Hall Item 1904
98-1000(03) Deed, James Hall Sheriff to Allan Hay McDougall Item 1863
98-1000(04) Mortgage A.H. McDougall to Alexander Walker Item 1863
98-1000(05) Conveyance Morland to Allan McDougal Item 1864
98-1000(06) Bill of Sale John Reid to Thos. Morland Item 1862
98-1000(08) Notice of Sale Item 1870
98-1000(10) Notice of mortgage sale Item 1870