Arctic Regions. 1680 Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696 A map of the North Pole and the parts adjoining. Oxon, At the Theater, MDCLXXX. Has two coloured illustrations: one of a family in Eskimo dress and the other of fishermen harpooning a whale. Inset map at top right is of Nova Zembla [Zembia?] Has note: In the Philosophical Transactions of ao. 1674, no. 101, there is set down a description of Nova Zembla as it was sent to the Royal Society from a Russian merchant and discovered by order of the Grand Czaar, but there being not joyned to it either longitude latitude or other measure, we thought it better to follow the two newest maps. One printed at Amsterdam 1678 the other at Nuremberg 1679 and to place this by itself which shews it not an island but joyned with the continent at the letter K." Map dedicated to the Right Honble. Charles FitzCharles, Earle of Plymouth ... Taken from vol. 1 of Pitt's English Atlas published under Royal patronage in 1680. The Atlas bankrupted Pitt; only

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