Catherine Hennessey: autograph book, 1881-1882; small book titled “Daily Food for Christians”, n.d. with inscriptions “To Our Dear Friends Mr. & Mrs. Mutton, Xmas 1883” and “Kate Mutton, Shiloh, Ont. 1900”; probate of will, 1923; Wedding invitation, memorial cards, death notices of several Mutton and Hennessey family members, 1917-1936 (Note: accompanying notes in the folder explain relationships) Outsized drawing, located in Large Materials Cabinet – Drawer 54: “Catherine Hennessey (nee Mutton), b. 1849, d. 1932 in Northumberland County. Mother of Beatrice B. Allen (nee Hennessey), grandmother of Ruth C. Bellamy (nee Allen)” (note: this outsized piece is exquisitely drawn and the facial area has been coloured slightly; the piece appears to have been purposely beveled outwards from the centre, i.e. only the outer edge meets a flat surface)

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